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Our Story

In the small town of New Kensington a suburb of the City of Pittsburgh, an Italian immigrant John Galli Sr founded his company in 1926. In the beginning with the help of his family, the first start to the business was a bottling company producing his own brand of Smile soda. After prohibition ended in 1933, the company began the distribution of beer and Galli Beer Distributing was Established. John & Mary Galli passed on the business to their 3 children Louis, Norma Jean & John Jr. The company prospered throughout the decades distributing top selling products such as Black Label in the 50s, Schlitz in the 60s, Fire-Brewed Stroh’s & Rolling Rock in the 70s-80s. In the years to follow many brewery consolidations presented much trial, but through our own consolidations and perseverance Galli Beer Distributing managed to stabilize and grow.

Today, we are a third generation company that represents products from more than 30 suppliers, offering some of the best malt beverages available in the world. One of our prized beers Pabst Blue Ribbon, is distributed in Pittsburgh and a surrounding 9 county area. It has become one of America’s fastest growing and trendy beers. Along with PBR, the craft surge has also helped us gain momentum… selling better beers to a broader account base. Our goal is to distribute the finest products while over-exceeding the market demands through a knowledgable sales force. Our empolyees and sales force are just as passionate about beer as the breweries who make it.

What we Do


Galli Beer is a Pittsburgh based beverage distribution company primarily servicing Western Pennsylvania. Our infrastructure is setup to source alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from licensed importers and brewers; we then supply our retailers based on the respective territory agreements across the region. Our goal is to offer our customers with the best variety and freshest products possible. We are committed to providing quality customer service and support to our retailers at all levels of distribution.

Green Initiatives

From the humble beginnings of operating out of a few hundred square feet, to our current 80,000 square foot facility, we now have invested in what is best for the environment. With continued rail access, this gives us the ability to unload five rail cars simultaneously. This has greatly reduced the amount of tractor trailers on the roads. Additionally, we have an in-house recycling program to compact plastic, cardboard and all reusable materials.

Our Team

John Galli Sr
John Galli, Jr.

Second Generation Owner

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John Galli Jr
John Galli, III

Third Generation Owner

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Lou Galli
Louis Galli

Third Generation Owner

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Andrew Galli
Andrew Galli

Third Generation Owner

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Interested in Joining Our Team?

If you are interested in working for Galli Beer Corp, please submit your resume and job interest to galliresumes@gallibeercorp.com, or upload your resume using the form to the right. Make sure to include your contact information with a valid email address.

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