Ephemere Apple

Ephemere Apple


A white ale brewed with apple must, Ephemere Apple has an alluring pale golden color, effervescent foam, and mouth-watering bouquet of Granny Smith apples and spices.  It is slightly sweet, slightly tart, and refreshingly thirst-quenching.ABV: 5.5% 

About the Legend

     As its name suggests, Éphémère is an ephemeral ale that comes and goes with the seasons. It was developed as a series to feature a seasonal fruit in a refreshing, lightly spiced white ale. The label depicts a fairy, an ephemeral spirit associated with fruits picked at the peak of ripeness during each harvest season. She first appeared in the spring of 2001 and has since been celebrated on a variety of seasonal fruit ales featuring apple must, cranberry, blackcurrant, peach, and raspberry. The apple version, first created in 2002, is without a doubt the most popular version. It is the only one to be distributed year-round and sold in the United States.

Time Period

All Year

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