Blanche De Chambly

Blanche De Chambly


Blanche de Chambly is produced from an interesting blend of unmalted Quebec wheat and pale barley malt, to which spices and natural aromatics are added, along with a light hopping.  This beer is only partially filtered so that it retains the full benefits of its natural ingredients. This gives it the cloudy appearance that was characteristic of pale beers in the Middle Ages. While it is naturally of a champagne color, it appears white because of the fresh yeast in suspension.  This white ale has an effervescent foam and a subtle bouquet of spice and citrus notes. It is a mildly malty, slightly sweet and refreshingly thirst-quenching.  ABV- 5%

About the Legend

     Unibroue created Blanche de Chambly in honor of the volunteer militiamen who fought and died under Captain De Salaberry—a French Canadian officer and nobleman in the British army—to defend Lower Canada against invasion in 1812. Blanche de Chambly is the very first ale brewed by Unibroue and as Belgian tradition dictates for white ales, it is named after the city in which it is brewed. In 1996, the Chicago Beverage Testing institute declared Blanche de Chambly “The World’s Best White Ale.” Since then, it has gone on to win numerous other awards and distinctions.

Time Period

All Year

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